Our Services

New Room Installations.

Go with a team you can trust. As a 3rd party team we can work with any manufacturer to make sure your sound room meets your needs and is installed to specifications. Our focus is on delivering exceptional service for your project and we are -experienced with all brands: Genie Series by Natus (Formerly Otometrics), Acoustic Systems, IAC, Eckel and more. Reach out to us so that we can help you get your project installed when and how you need it! Download our New Room Installation brochure here.


Moving? No Problem. Your sound rooms are made to go with you and we’re here to help you get it done. We can make sure that your sound room gets disassembled, relocated and re-installed in the right way. All sound rooms require a special technique to make sure that the performance of your room is the same in the new location as it was in the old location. Download our Relocations brochure Here.

Professional Project Management.

Profesional Project Management. Need a hand managing the details of your projects? With an experienced team of professionals on staff and tailored specifically to markets involving Sound Room integrations - Let us help with our professional project management services. We can work on your behalf with your vendors, manufactures and contractors to help bring your project together from construction to final result. Having The Soundroom Experts on your side at the beginning of your project will keep you running smoothly & more efficiently to keep you on budget and on schedule! Download our Professional Project Management brochure here.

Services & Repairs.

Your sound room is definitely built to last, but from time to time does require some service & maintenance. Gaskets, circulation fans, hinges carpet, etc. ultimately will wind up needing to be changed, repaired or replaced causing the performance of your sound room to be affected. We can step in to help you fix these problems. From simple door gasket repairs to more complicated items we can work with you to make sure and get your sound room back in tip-top shape in no time! 

Refurbishments & Upgrades. 

Want to breathe new life into your office or clinic? Interested in adding a branding element? Call us today to discuss your options to:

  • Re-Paint your sound room
  • Add an exterior vinyl marketing wrap, to promote your business or add a specific aesthetic to your office
  • Improve the performance of your space with an acoustic absorption panel
  • We're here to help you realize the full vision of your office, talk to us about your needs today.